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Paving Repair

Asphalt Patching / Hot Applied

Asphalt Patching – Hot Applied is the most expensive asphalt repair one can choose, but is the longest lasting. A good rule of thumb is if the pavement area would require 10% or more of the total paving area to be patched it would be better for a complete new construction or utilize Full Depth Reclamation (FDR).

Infrared Repair

Infrared Repair would be the middle of the spectrum on cost and longevity. Another benefit to infrared repair is it can almost be done year round even in super cold temperatures. The use of a hot box and just in time hot materials on site allow for emergency repairs to be made even in freezing temperatures.

Asphalt Patching – Cold Applied

Asphalt Patching – Cold Applied often referred to as “cold mix” is the cheapest and least effective way to repair small potholes and damaged areas. Our crews can come out and install cold patch, however, the best solution is for us to direct ship the materials to your doorstep and you watch our instructional video on how to install yourself. ***Order our special cold patch here***

Sealing and Crack Filling

Sealcoating and Crack Filling are the bread and butter of asphalt repair and maintenance. Another proverb rings true here: “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.” There are so many ways to go wrong when choosing a contractor for a sealcoating job. Similar to concrete, one must make sure the sealer is not watered down, but the effect is even a greater detriment as too much water can reduce the life span by half. So if you have a contractor adding double the water and it’s half the price then a good contractor may be the same price over a 5-7 year period. Sadly there are a lot of scams out there in the asphalt and concrete industry but especially in the sealcoating side.
There are a lot of “fly by night” operations out there and the last thing you want to do is pay to much for a scam and get black sealer all over your new car, house, or neighbors grass etc.

Crack Filling can be the cheapest and most value added to repair and maintenance if done correctly. The best bang for the buck starts by catching the cracks early and before they become too wide spread. There is a point of diminishing returns where there are so many cracks to fill the money is best saved for a full repair rather than filling the cracks. At Liberty Paving we provide the full dollar and “sense” (cents) to you by not just telling you what you want to hear and taking a quick cheap dollar from you when it won’t actually fix your problem. We can provide a full project consultation and unapologetically give you the truth from the results. We utilize a modified version of either AASHTO M324 or ASTM D6690 and provide a score card based on the Pavement Condition Index (PCI). You can read more about the PCI in another section, but simply put it’s a scale of 0-100 points which help provide predictability and repeatability in choosing the correct solution to your pavement repair.

Concrete Spall Repair

Concrete spall repair is the concrete version of asphalt patching. It’s more technical than a hot mix asphalt patch since the blend and batching can vary depending on if it’s ready-mix concrete or a bagged mix. The main point to be made no matter whether it’s an asphalt or concrete repair is to have the surface properly cleaned so the repair bonds and adheres the new material with the existing.
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